Junior CCR (College and Career Readiness)

The state of Utah recommends every junior student have a College and Career Readiness (CCR) Appointment. In these CCR appointments counselors will help students map out their high school, career and college plans.

Appointments will be during the month of November 2020. Appointments can be made online through the parent portal of MyDSD, then tools, then appointment scheduler. Appointments will last 20 minutes.  

During that appointment juniors will be asked to plan classes for their senior year. Students that choose not to attend an appointment will still need to turn in a course request card for their senior year. Please, see the links below for cards and course listings.

Below is a video explaining the CCR appointment and helps you understand a graduation summary. Graduation summaries can be found in MyDSD under Academics, then Reports, and then Graduation Summary.

Junior CCRs and Graduation Summaries

A 12 minute explanation of Junior CCRs (College and Career Readiness) appointments and how to read a graduation summary.