The Davis Technology College (DavisTech) is an opportunity for high school students to participate in a COLLEGE level learning experience. It provides opportunities for skill development, work experience and career preparation in a variety of certificate programs. These programs include careers in the following areas: business and technology, construction, health professions, manufacturing, service professions and transportation. Certification is available upon completion of a program.

Important information and Registration Procedures:

  • Courses count as Career & Technical Education (CTE) or Elective High School Credit.
  • Students must register in one program for a minimum of 2 periods. For example, 1st & 2nd, or 3rd & 4th, or 5th &6th, or 7th & 8th.
  • Students must see Jill Hess, CTE Coordinator, or Juanita Olsen, CTE Secretary prior to enrolling at Davis Tech.
  • Students need to complete the Davis Tech Application https://portal.davistech.edu/Portal/Student/Application
  • Students need to complete and turn the following Davis High School registration form and sign the accompanying disclosure statement to Mrs. Hess or Mrs. Olsen.
  • REGISTRATION FORM After clicking on the link to the left, you will need to download the file and open it in Adobe Reader on your computer so the Submit Button will work.
  • A DavisTech Transmittal will then be created on the student's behalf.
  • Once a DavisTech Transmittal has been created, the student will then go to the following website to finish the registration process. https://davistech.force.com/portal/TX_SiteLogin?startURL=%2Fportal%2FTargetX_Base__Portal
  • If you have questions about the registration process, after the transmittal has been created, please see Student Services at the DTC.

The Davis Technical College website provides information about their programs and can be accessed at www.davistech.edu.

Scholarship Information

Applications for both the Graduating Senior Technical Education Scholarship and the High School Bridge Tuition Waiver are now available on the DavisTech website.

The Graduating Senior Technical Education Scholarship is good for all programs except Cosmetology, Esthetician, Master Esthetician, Nail Technician, Hair Design, Phlebotomy, or Injection Molding. 

The High School Bridge Tuition Waiver eligible programs are: Cosmetology, Esthetician, Master Esthetician, Nail Technician, Hair Designer, Nurse Assistant, Phlebotomy, or Injection Molding.

A quick overview of each scholarship:

Graduating Senior Technical Education Scholarship:  Funds tuition, fees, and required books for high school seniors for one year following graduation and is available in programs defined as “High-Wage, High-Demand”.  All of Davis Tech’s program qualify, except those listed above.

High School Bridge Tuition Waiver:  Funds tuition and some fees for high school seniors up to one year following high school graduation. It is available in Cosmetology, Esthetician, Master Esthetician, Nail Technician, Hair Design, Phlebotomy, or Injection Molding.