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Learn more about yourself, how you learn and how human development influences learning. Explore careers in education including teaching, school counseling, media services, or other education professions. Learn about the past, present and future of education in the United States. Create an electronic portfolio that will continue throughout the Education and Training pathway.

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Experience and participate as you learn about the role and characteristics of an effective educator. Observe and participate with teachers and students in the classroom. Learn about current teaching methods and instructional strategies. Explore assessments and when/how to use them. Discover how students learn and how to differentiate instruction for special student populations. Recognize ways to effectively use educational technology in the classroom.

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Get hands on experience of how an educator uses coaching and leadership skills to successfully manage a classroom. Learn about the role of an educator in the classroom and instructional strategies. Learn and observe differentiated instruction and how it affects student learning. Create an environment where students are encouraged and empowered to become lifelong learners. Practice the art of creating instructional activities to inspire students to enjoy learning.

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Students will explore the exciting world of teaching, examine what it means to be a teacher, and participate in field observations. This course is designed to introduce students to personal and professional experiences within the educational community. This course or an equivalent approved course is a prerequisite to all licenser programs in the Department of Teacher Education.

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This course includes a classroom component as well as the opportunity to intern with an Elementary or Secondary educator in their classroom. The course covers: the application process, legal and safety issues, ethics, goal setting, teamwork, conflict resolution, attitude, and incorporating UtahFutures and the Pathways initiatives, etc.