Aviation Private School Course

Cornerstone aviation

Davis School District has contracted with Cornerstone Aviation to allow students to take a Private Pilot course at one of two specific high schools in the district during the regular school day. Students are responsible for all costs associated with their flight school program and are required to provide their own transportation to and from the other high school.  Students can register and attend during 4th period at Woods Cross High School or 8th period at Clearfield High School. This is a one semester in-class only course and students are not allowed to do any flying during the regular school day.

Students will register for a class period at Davis High during the time period they are attending the Cornerstone Aviation course. Students can earn CTE or Elective high school credit while attending this course. Students and parents must sign the Davis School District private school contract, leaving a copy with the high school CTE Coordinator, the private school and keeping a copy for themselves. These forms can be picked up from Miss Hogge, CTE Coordinator at Davis High.

More information about their program can be found at www.cornerstoneaviation.com.