Make Up Credit

    Davis School District policy requires students to make-up unsatisfactory “U” citizenship grades prior to graduation.
    Students are not allowed to graduate, participate in extracurricular activities including sports and class field trips or purchase a parking pass with deficient Citizenship credit. Information regarding what constitutes a “U” is provided in the teacher’s disclosure. The student shall be responsible for checking his or her report card.  The fine for receiving a U is $5.00 and is automatically invoiced to the students account. Below are the options available for U make-up:

1.  Make-up through the teacher prior to the end of the grading period. Citizenship credit may be made up prior to the U being recorded on the report card, if the teacher will provide activities or duties beyond the class requirements for students to make-up the unsatisfactory citizenship.   This is discretionary to the teacher.

2.  Service at Davis High School. 3 hours after school service with a teacher, coach, counselor or administrator.   Students may work with the custodians, but must get prior approval from the Citizenship secretary or and administrator.    Make-up papers will not be accepted without prior approval. 

3.  2 Hour Citizenship Classes or Study Hall at Davis High. Classes or study hall are offered weekly and are taught or supervised by a DHS teacher. The curriculum is usually centered on appropriate characteristics of behavior, team building activities, principles of citizenship, service principles or attendance and punctuality activities. A minimum of 10 students required for classes to be held. The fee for the 2 hour class is $10.00 ($5.00 for U fine and $5.00 for class fee).   Classes must be paid in advance.  

4.  Pre-Approved Community Service Projects. – See separate list

5.  Increase in GPA One U will be cleared if the student has an increase in GPA of .5 or higher from the previous term.   The student is responsible for providing report card to the citizenship Secretary.

6.  No U’s in term immediately following term that U (s) were received.  The student is responsible for providing report card to the Citizenship Secretary.

7.  Parent Teacher Conference .   Student and parent attend Parent/Teacher Conference together.  Student prints progress report and has their teachers initial or sign progress report.  Return progress report with signatures to Mrs. Barber in the Counseling Office, will result in one (1) U make-up.

  Service opportunities arise periodically throughout the year and will be announced and advertised as they become available. Classes and service activities such as Alive at 25, Festival of Trees, White Ribbon Week, Blood Drives sponsored by Davis High School, and other activities at DHS as approved by the Administration.

Service Projects

Only service rendered at Davis High School will be accepted unless pre-approved by an Administrator.
 *Gigi’s Playhouse -
* Kaysville City Parks and Recreation Department (Seasonal) – Cole Stephens   801-546-4046
* Utah Botanical Center – 801-451-3402
* Bonneville Shoreline Trail – Barry Burton – 801-451-3279
* Utah State University – Jay Dee Gunnell - 801-451-3411
* Safe Harbor Women’s Shelter – 801-444-3191
* Children’s Justice Center – 801-451-3560
* Autumn Glow Senior Center – Debbie Draper – 801-544-1235
* Kaysville City Library – Lanette Mills – 801-544-2826
* Utah Food Bank – Utah Food Bank – 801-978-2452
* Utah House (USU Extension) – Jayne Mulford – 801-544-3089
  Students are required to get a signed letter from the organization that they provided service for, on the organizations’ letterhead. The letter should include number of hours worked, the date(s) worked and a brief description of the service provided.   The letter must be signed and include a phone number for verification purposes and shall be turned in to the citizenship office.

U Make Class Schedule


1st Semester 2020-21
September 15 Room 1205
September 23
Room 2303
October 8 Room 2303
October 21 Room 1205
November 9 Room 1412
November 19 Room Library
December 2 Room 
December 15 Room 

Davis High School
2:30 am - 4:30 pm.
$5.00 per class