Dance Policies

Davis High School Dance Guidelines

   The following policies are designed to promote an environment in which all students and adults feel safe and comfortable. Enforcement of the dress and dance guideline is at the discretion of the Davis High School staff and administration. Students and/or their guests in violation of the Davis High School Dance Guidelines may be immediately removed from the dance, have their parents called, and will be prohibited from attending future dances!
General Guidelines
1. Students are not permitted to leave the dance and return. Doors may be opened under the supervision of a chaperone to promote air circulation. 
2. Davis High School administration has the right to search any handbags, book bags, or large parcels. Students are encouraged NOT to bring these items to a dance.
3.  NO outside containers, drinks, bottles, cans.  
4. School rules apply at all dances.
5. School authorities maintain the right to prohibit music that is not consistent with the mission of the District.
6. Tickets will be sold in advance of the dance. Tickets will NOT be sold at the door.
7. Students must present their ticket to gain entrance into the dance.
8. Students will be sent home for inappropriate dancing or behavior.
9. The school is not responsible for articles lost or stolen at a dance.
10. Any student who engages in fighting, harassment, or other disruptive behavior shall be immediately dealt with accordingly by the administration on duty. Ticket price will NOT be refunded if a student is asked to leave the dance.
11.  All students and guests must have valid picture ID to be admitted to the dance.
12.  Students are admitted as couples, one of the couple needs to be from Davis High School.   
13.  Students bringing a guest from another school must fill out a guest contract and return it to the administration no later than 2 days before a dance.    
14.  If inappropriate dancing continues after one warning, the lights will be turned on and/or music changed as a collective warning for everyone.
15.  Shoes must always be worn. 
Dress Code for Students
•    All dresses or gowns must have straps.  Shawls worn around the neck do not indicate compliance as these are usually removed inside the dance. A shrug or jacket may be worn to make the dress compliant; however, they must be left on at all times for pictures and in the dance.
•    As a general reminder, students may not wear athletic jerseys.  
•    Skirt length must be no shorter than mid-thigh, skirts should be closer to the knee than the hip.
Recommended attire Prom
Formal Dance            
Boys- shirts with collars, slacks, sports jackets, ties, 
Girls- formal or ball gowns
If you have any questions, please contact a Davis High School Administrator.  
Thank you, 
Davis High School Administration