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Dettes Davis High

D'Ettes take first overall in the 6A classification at UVU on January 4 and Sweepstakes Champions!

Davis High Girls Basketball 2019-2020

Davis High Girls Basketball 2019-2020

DHS Swim
Davis High Swim
DHS Swim Freestyle
Davis High Band 2019

1st in our region   2nd overall in the state

Throughout the course of the season we have taken outstanding music, guard, and percussion captions at various shows

DHS Boys Basketball

The purpose of Davis High School is to promote the mission of "Learning First" for all. Dr. Gregory Wilkey

Davis High By The Numbers

100 Best Public High Schools in America from 

#1 Best US News In 2018 Davis High was ranked as the #1 best traditional public high school in the State of Utah by US News and World Report.  

#1 Top AP Award

In 2017 Davis High received the Top AP High School Award, highest number of AP exams taken and highest percentage of AP exams passed within the State of Utah. 

Top 5   Davis High Marching Band has been a top 5 finisher in 2000, 2008-2015. Has participated in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City, 2017 and in the Parade of Roses in 2003 and 2013.

#2  Davis High School has won the second highest number of Utah High School Athletic Championships (94) in the State of Utah.

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